LOA Update

Sorry it took me until now to update everyone on what's going on with our LOA.  My day was full of meetings today, so it was afternoon before I got a chance to talk to my agency and then it wasn't really the news we wanted to hear

The good news is that China didn't say, "What dossier???"  :)  Basically, the way I understand it is that when we transferred agencies, China was just starting to figure out how to handle transfers between agencies.  The email our agency got today said something like they held my dossier for "a while" but they "let it go with no problem".  What does that mean?  Question of the year for sure!  My agency is asking for clarification.  However, we are guessing it means, they received our dossier logged in under Lifeline in August and was still still trying to decide how the transfer process was going to work.

So, they held onto it until they decided and then they put it into process.  So instead of it starting in the process 3 months ago, it probably only started a month ago.  The process the dossier goes through is "in translation", then "in review", then to the "matching room" and then the LOA is issued.

Our agency is hoping to have some clarifiction around how long they held it, how long it's been in translation and how long they expect it to be until they can issue LOA.  Our agency is asking that they push it along, but China only expdites when there is a medical issue or when the child is aging out, which neither apply here.

So, how much longer?  We really have no idea. When will we travel?  Well, originally we were hoping February.  But at this point, it would take a miracle for that to happen.  Although, I've been witness to enough miracles to know if God wants it, He'll do it and all the glory will point right back to Him.  For sure. 

Pull up a chair and stay a while.  We'll watch and see how God decides to show off this time.

Oh, and I'm better now.  Well...kinda.  I'm still pretty angry this happened.  But I'm getting over it.

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Vicky said...

Wow, I looking forward to reading how God shows up on your behalf!