A few weeks ago, I, along with 1/2 of my little town, sat in horrible traffic for more than an hour trying to get home.

I had Jenna with me because I had to pick her up because Steve was not able to get to her.  When we pulled into the subdivision, we could see thick black smoke billowing from the vicinity of the area behind our house.

I figured if our house was actually on fire someone would have told me.  But when we pulled in front of the house, I could see the fire in the wooded common area behind our house.  Since we have a privacy fence in the back yard, I honestly never have had the opportunity (or desire) to go back into that area.  At first, I thought it was just a bonfire or someone burning leaves, but then it looked a little too high for that.

I parked the car in the garage and then Jenna and I walked around towards the smoke.  Once at the edge of our backyard, our neighbor, Tim, came out and ushered us to the area.  The fire was probably about my height at that time, but the firefighters had just arrived.

That's the fire nearly put out.  Tim had been the one to call the fire fighters because when he first got there, the fire was probably 3x higher than it was when I got there.  A couple kids ran out and tried to put it out with an extinguisher, but it barely touched it.  Tim rightly thought he'd better get the professionals involved.

They think kids started it because there was piles of wood and sticks.  It's the fall....leaves are on the ground and that's a dangerous combination.  Luckily, outside the trees and wood, nothing else was damaged.  I hope some kids learned their lesson.

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