Flashback Friday!

Welcome to the second installment of Flashback Friday!
This is the yearbook from my senior year.  Yes, in my beautiful new bookshelves reside my EHCS yearbooks (we called them "annuals") from Kindergarten through my senior year.  And yes, from time to time, I pull one or more out, look at the pictures and read the signatures.

You see, I LOVED high school.  I know most people think I'm crazy.  Most HATED high school and would never go back there again.  However, for me, it was the last time my life resembled anything normal.  My family was happy.  My mom was ALIVE.  Cancer meant nothing to me.  I was going to the college I'd wanted to.  I was the senior editor of the yearbook staff.  My worries were along the lines of where to eat lunch and what to do Friday night.

Now that I'm an adult, my worries are, how do I pay the bills, when will we have Kylie in our arms and how am I going to raise the remaining funds to get to her.

Yeah, I miss high school sometimes.

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