19 years.

Today marks the day I have lived longer WITHOUT my mom than with her.

19 years ago, I sat outside my home in the crisp fall November air wondering how my life would change.

There are a few friends who may remember those days as clearly as I do.

It's a day I will never forget.

I think of her often.

Many times when I wish I could ask her opinion on parenting.

I miss her.

So, for those of you who still have your moms here on this earth...tell them you love them.  You never know how much longer you have with them.

I'd give just about anything for one more day....

I miss you Mama.  Every.  Day.


Lillie Family said...

Thank you, your mama loves you too and is watching over you and this adoption. I just know it. :-)

Jennifer said...

I am praying for you today! I am sure your mama would be so proud of you!

Vicky said...

What a sweet way to honor your mother!