Black Friday

I have always wanted to go out on Black Friday to see what it was like.  But then I never do because I know myself and know better than to do something crazy like that.  So Friday morning I woke up about 7:30am and came downstairs and shopped online instead!  I finished Steve's shopping.  And I finished Jenna's shopping.  I found my nephew something and even bought Kylie a book!

I even uploaded a bunch of pictures I needed developed and got a calendar as a gift for a family member.  I ended up with 333 photos to be developed, which I got 15% off of.  I had a code for free shipping which saved me $20.  Then I had a code which allowed me to get the calendar free!  I spent about $38 for $100 worth of stuff.  Good times.

Friday night, we left the house to get some dinner since we'd had enough of our Thanksgiving leftovers!  We headed into downtown Franklin for some Mellow Mushroom.  Then we went to Kohls to pick up some remaining gifts.  I got $30 in Kohls cash which Steve can use for my Christmas presents!  I also got $20 in coupons for signing up two different emails.  And then I got 15% off the entire order.  Look what I got Kylie...her first two NEW outfits!

Sorry for the bad quality, but I took these with my iPhone.  Finally, I bought a Groupon from Old Navy $20 for $10.  I'll take that out later to pick up some last minute gifts...

So all in all, the day was productive.  And I barely left my couch!

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Julie said...

So jealous, I wanted to get some Kohls cash Friday but didn't make it. (But Ella has that same red shirt!)
I did the online shopping Friday (and on Sat and Sun and prob Mon.....)But I did get the Groupon for ON!
Happy Black Friday to you!