Training Day 3

I'm afraid as the days go on, there will be less and less to report. Steve and Katie are working super-hard. There is so much to learn and Steve is being a trooper. I think both of them are beat tonight. I talked to him about 9:30 and he was headed to bed and Katie was already sound asleep!

Just to give you a taste of what their day is like, the formal training starts at 9am and goes until 5pm. There are breaks in between. There's lots of "book learning" and then they do a "field trip" of sorts to learn how to act and react in all sorts of places. Today was the mall. They'll do a movie, church, an amusement/water park, grocery store etc. Anywhere you might go at home, they will go there. I'm telling you, it sounds like some pretty intense learning. But they are getting it and part of this is about bonding between the two of them also.

I am fortunate to get to talk to Steve off and on throughout the day which makes being apart easier. This week has been OK but the week is easier because Jenna and I are in our normal routine. Jenna really had a breakdown on Sunday night. I wondered if she was going to ever quit sobbing. Tonight she is spending the night with a friend and I'm wondering if she'll make it through the night. She has never been one to have trouble being away from us when she's with friends, but I worry about her tonight since she had a breakdown on Sunday. She called me tonight and sounded sad, and I think part of it has to do with when she gets overtired.

And let me just say how grateful I am for my life. And to caveat, there is NOTHING wrong with being single. I mean, God bless you single women because I am totally supportive of you. But I have decided that I would NOT make a good single person. It's funny because until now, I always thought I would be fine being single, fine being alone etc. And that's true, but only when I know I can come home to my husband and daughter. I'm not like depressed or anything, but I am just a better person being a wife and mother. I also learned that if it were just me I would probably weigh 350 pounds because I would never eat right! I guess the good Lord was looking out for me when he put Steve and I together when I was only 20 years old. :)

I've had a few of you ask about Chase. There are a couple things to report...we are getting a letter from him about every week. He had his wisdom teeth pulled several weeks ago and then his gums got infected and wouldn't quit bleeding. They thought he might be hemophiliac, but the tests came back negative. He ended up having a second surgery and lost a total of 4 days while on bedrest between the two surgeries. He said in the letter I received yesterday that he had an ingrown toenail that got infected and then he was going to have to have the toenail removed this week. I'm sure that's been done by now. Overall, his letters sound upbeat. He is looking forward to Phase 2 which is where they are doing a lot more of using what they've been learning. It's the hardest phase, but everyone says they are so busy and active that time flies. I think that's why he'd looking forward to it. I send something to him every day...either a letter from me, Steve or Jenna. He says the letters really help. So if you haven't written him and want to, please feel free to drop him a line of support. You can get his address here.

I talk to Bertie almost every day and she's doing as well as can be expected. I guess we both are just putting one foot in front of the other. And somehow in doing just that simple act, time passes. I am starting to refocus. My first full week back to work last week was a disaster. I should have just taken the week off because I felt as if I wasn't accomplishing anything. But this week seems better. I managed to get my to-do list written and it was LONG, but at least I am somewhat organized.

And because I think posts with pictures are more exciting, take a look at my new purchase from today:
This isn't exactly what I ordered...the one I got was a sofa sleeper and then the loveseat that matches are reclining. Plus, there is a corner wedge to turn the whole thing into a sectional which we have always wanted. We are turning the downstairs living rom into our family room and the bonus room will be mostly Jenna's playroom. We've been waiting forever to do this and now that we got the floor down, this was the next step.

OK, well, I think I'm tired enough to fall asleep in bed alone now. I'll update you more maybe tomorrow...

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