Birthday Fun (and other stuff...)

Tonight we celebrated Jenna's 8th birthday. Here are some pictures of our celebration. Hang in for the happy stuff and then I'll get to the rest...

Instead of a bunch of little stuff, Jenna just got a couple big (read: expensive) gifts. I wrapped them individually, but then put them all in one large box. Here's Jenna with the big box...

Meet Julie and Ivy, 2 best friend American Girl dolls. Julie is my favorite because her era is 1974 which the year in which I was born. JG wanted this girl at Christmas, but she was sold out. As you can see, she was ultra-excited to get Julie and Ivy.

I had asked Jenna what special meal she wanted for her birthday and she went all out...LITTLE SMOKIES...better known as cocktail weiners. I figured I'd better take her up on that cheap dinner while I have the chance. So here they are...

And then instead of a cake, she wanted Gigi's, so here we are enjoying our Gigi's cupcake ala Jenna's birthday!

It was a good evening overall. I'm emotionally beat though, so as soon as I log off, I'm going to get a nice hot shower and then get in bed early.

I spent most of the day with Daddy and Bertie. The family was by the bedside for most of the day. Respirations are speeding up, which for someone with advanced lung disease, that is bad. It's taking more breaths to get oxygen to the major organs. His blood pressure and other vitals are going slowly down. He is unresponsive and no longer able to swallow. It is literally just a matter of time. But only God knows how long. That's really all there is to report. I have read every text, email, and comment. And I appreciate each one of them. God is good and He has been near to us.

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