I'm enjoying my leisurely Saturday afternoon and thought I would update you all on the goings-on with the Taylor family.

Thursday we got another letter from Chase in the mail. He even sent Jenna one all her own. She was very excited and so were we. He still says he's doing "fine" and to keep the letters coming because they are like "gold" there.

Daddy had a really good day on Friday...relatively speaking. He did come around a bit and was able to eat (just really soft foods like applesauce) and drink a little. Obviously it's not enough like a normal person, but it was more than nothing which is what he had been eating previously. He also had some moments of clarity which is a good thing. We are unsure as to whether this is an increase in health or the well known "rally" before the downhill slide. Today has been better than the past few days but not as good as yesterday. So right now, that's all there is to report. We plan to visit tomorrow at some point.

Thanks again for all your comments and thoughts. Stay tuned...

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