First, let me thank all of you for your sweet thoughts, comments and prayers for our family. The outpouring has really been amazing and I appreciate each of you. Today has been much of the same...no real change.

On a happier note, today Steve and I celebrated our 13th anniversary! Who would have thought that a 21 and 36 year old would still be happy as ever 13 years later?! We exchanged small gifts today and then we went to the Japanese steakhouse. It was DELISH!

And then the biggest news of all??? We got our first letter from Chase! His writing sounds JUST LIKE him which is a huge relief for us. He is doing OK he says. He said the first 37 hours they didn't sleep at all while they got all their "crap" (such a Chase comment). He writes that the DI ("drill instructor) tries to make things interesting and usually you do fine as long as you move fast and do what you are told. He hasn't gotten yelled at...yet. I'm sure that's coming. He did say to write alot because he misses home. I think I have that one covered!

So, all in all, today's been a good day.

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Christy said...

What a nice anniversary present! I know you both must be so happy to have heard from him! Happy Anniversary!