He's there

Just to let you all know that Steve arrived in Missouri SAFELY (thank you Jesus!) about an hour ago. He didn't really get on the road until about 9am because before he got very far, he realized he forgot his insulin and he had to come back. We met him at the interstate so he didn't come all the way back, but he did lose some time.

Because of his hip, he stopped once for food and once for gas and spent some time walking around and stretching out. So considering he probably lost an hour doing that, it only took him about 6 hours, so that's great!

He has checked into his hotel and is most likely resting until dinnertime and then he's going to go out and get some food and some drinks for his fridge.

I'm about to pick Rachel up and have our girls night out. Distractions are good. Wish us luck!

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