Internet Down...

My internet is down at home and the first available appointment for a tech is Monday, so I will be scarce until I can get back online again.

There's really not much to report. Steve and I BOTH got letters from Chase a couple days ago. I love hearing from him. A week ago, they pulled all 4 of his wisdom teeth. He said they gave him 8 shots and pulled 2 at a time. YIKES! He got 2 days of bedrest though and I guess he might have used that time to write everyone because I know his mom got a letter about the same time. Poor fella. But he did admit it was hard and there have been times he wanted to quit. He said everyone, including the Drill Instructors (DIs) will tell you the fastest way to get off "this island" is to graduate which, he says, "I will do." Those 3 words made me so happy. Not that I had any doubt, but seeing it on paper just made it better. Otherwise, he is "fine" and he says to keep the letters coming. He did confirm he was getting something from us almost every day.

Rachel is doing fine. She is still in some pain and not getting better as quickly as she'd like. I took her dinner last night and if you are local and want to take her dinner some time this weekend or even early next week, just contact me and I can let you know some ideas of what she can eat and give you an address. I should have posted about that like a week ago, but with everything going on, I just forgot. And I know she'll read this and tell me I shouldn't have etc., but just ignore her. They could use the meals because she isn't really able to get up and do anything yet.

Daddy is still hanging in there. He has not taken as much food and drink as he was and he is acting like he just doesn't feel good in general. Bertie talked to his doctor yesterday. She is feeling an extreme amount of guilt as if she is not doing enough. The doctor did tell her that all the things that are happening (or have stopped happening) is normal for this stage and there's really not much she can do except keep him comfortable. Bertie now has the crud that everyone else has (allergy induced I'm certain) but she's pushing through and doing whatever she can. If you think of it, please pray for her strength. You have no idea what all she does for Daddy every day and with very little help. She does have a nurse that comes in for several hours in the evening, but that only allows her a few hours of rest during that time. All during the day she is the sole caregiver...getting him up, rolling him over, trying to feed him and give him meds. It is more than a full time job (because full time jobs, you only work about 8-10 hours a day) and not a fun one at that. So your prayers are appreciated. I'm thinking I might make a couple easy meals for her this weekend so at least she is getting some good nourishment herself. I don't think she's eating much because she cannot leave his side long enough to fix herself anything. Anyway, I digress.

Monday is Jenna's 8th birthday and I'm not sure who's more excited about opening presents...me or her. Stay tuned...I'm sure I'll have pictures of that on Monday (assuming my internet connection is fixed).

I'll be online on Facebook from my cell this weekend. Check for updates there. If you don't do FB, then you'll have to text or call me!


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