Your prayers worked!

I wanted to get on here right away and thank each of you who have called, emailed, offered support and information about the issue on Steve's work and his taking FMLA while training with his dog.

Steve's HR person told him this morning that she was going to approve the FMLA because she just couldn't find anything that would keep them from approving it. She said that the main boss didn't seem to like the way the endocrinologist worded the FMLA paperwork, but the HR lady thought it was fine. She said she wasn't sure if training with a service animal was covered under FMLA and Steve told her that it was and he'd talked to the Department of Labor before he asked to be covered.

I didn't want to post anything about it until I knew for sure, but he called just now and said she had the papers ready and he signed them for FMLA coverage! She said that the boss said he wasn't approving it, but the law was. She doesn't understand what his problem is. She is very excited to see this animal in action. She said she just thinks the boss doesn't understand it, but Steve said he'd offered several times to sit down and explain it to him, but he will not do it.

The Lord is good! But will you please pray for this man, the boss? This is hard for me to ask for because both Steve and I harbor some pretty hard feelings about him for obvious reasons, but I really feel this man needs prayer. I'm not going to put his name here, but the Lord will know who you are praying for.

And I can't thank you enough for your prayers. This is just more evidence that they do work!

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