As if we needed anything else...

As most of you know, Steve is set to leave for his diabetic service dog training on Saturday morning. He is mostly packed, all his medications ready and FMLA paperwork filled out.

Then just now he called me and said his company is questioning the validity of his FMLA request. The US Department of Labor told us that this was a covered reason and that's why we pursued it. The company is requesting a medical second opinion. So in essence, they want another endocrinologist to tell them that Steve really is diabetic I guess. And the company has asked him to CANCEL HIS TRAINING and reschedule for later after they can work this out. SERIOUSLY?

I am so used to the antics they have pulled in the past with this that I'm not even sure I can be angry. I know...hear me... I KNOW this is all in God's will. There are hundreds of things that have come together on this that could not have if God's hand wasn't all in it. So the only thing I know to do is pray. So I'm once again, asking you to pray for us. Pray that this will be resolved. I don't know how that might happen...maybe they end up firing him...but I'm willing to accept that as an answer if that is the answer I'm given.

I tell you, I am just about filled to the brim with all that's gone on surrounding this and all the past week's events. I just want some peace. Would you pray with me for that?

I will keep you posted.

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Christy said...

Sent you a message on Facebook. Wasn't sure which one you would see first.