Birthday #1

For a while, I have been thinking about planning a surprise birthday party for Steve. This year, on July 4, he would turn 50 years old AND he is going to be away in Missouri training with his Diabetic Service Alert dog. What a total bummer to be gone on that big milestone birthday.

So, with some help from my "bestie" Rachel, I planned a surprise shindig for Steve for last Friday. I had no idea what I would go through the week prior to Friday night, but I pushed through and with Rach's help, we pulled it off.

We had everyone meet at a local pizzeria at 6:30 and my job was to get Steve there. I told him that Rachel offered to pay for our dinner since we'd had such an awful week. He fell for it hook, line and sinker. I was afraid he would recognize all the faces in the back room as we approached, but luckily he was distracted by one of the kids from a friend of ours who was outside the room at the time. He was looking the opposite direction when everyone screamed "SURPRISE!" It was awesome and I can't believe we totally pulled it off.

We had about 40 folks show up to celebrate with us. It was actually supposed to be a combined 50th and going away party...but obviously it was easier to find the 50th/Over the Hill stuff to decorate with.

We are so blessed to have such good friends who love us and have been SO supportive during our fundraising and issues with Steve's work (which incidentally we HOPE have been worked out).

Thanks to all of you who came. We are so thankful for each and every one of you!

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The Millsaps said...

Your party photographer had some mad skillz:). Glad it was a success. It was super fun!!!