More Sad News...

You won't believe what happened today? Our 13 year old basset hound, Mack, died. As if we haven't had enough to deal with lately, we came home to find him passed away. By the looks of it, it was fairly recent. He was almost always an outside dog. He was, after all, a hound. We kept him inside the first several years of his life, but he would sit and look out the door wanting to go out and put his nose to the ground. So finally we turned him out and he has loved every minute of it. But he's an old fella and we knew the end was coming soon. We'd fixed him a little pallet outside under the deck where it was cool (the sun never hits that area) and every morning and afternoon Steve and Jenna would go out and check on him. Today, he wasn't breathing and Fred, our Beagle, was whining and moping around up on top of the deck.

Jenna called me on my way home from work sobbing about it and I felt awful that I couldn't be there with her. Steve dug a hole in the back yard and we planted flowers in the dirt and because we have an overabundance of flowers from the funeral, I gave her several which she put on top. We said our goodbyes to our faithful buddy and made our way back inside.

I searched for a picture of Mack, but I don't have one easily accessible. Hopefully I can find one soon.

Goodbye faithful friend.

Cletus Mackenzie "Mack" Taylor
(yes, his given AKC registered name...by Steve obviously)

July 1996 - June 2009

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