Just a quick update...

We went to see Daddy this afternoon. He is definitely better than on Thursday, however, he is now coughing which isn't that big of a deal for most, but for someone who has only 20% use of his lungs, that is a bit bothersome to me. He was awake when we were there and by the look in his eyes, he recognized us, but he did not call us by name. The most he could muster was saying he loved me. I did get him to drink a little nutritional drink and a few bites of nutritional yogurt. It wasn't much at all, but it was better than nothing. He did speak periodically, but it was nonsensical and made no sense.

That's about it for now. I'm headed to bed a little bit early (though not much) after I put another load of laundry in! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers...keep them coming!

Oh, and not to forget a little giveaway business...Teresa and Christy will take home a copy of Saints in Limbo along with their Night Watchman books! I will be doing a review tomorrow on another (and final) book...so stay tuned for more on that.

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