8 Years ago today...

8 years ago today, at 7:02am, my little miracle entered the world and my world has not been the same since!

Just wishing my sweet baby girl the happiest of birthdays today!

And not to overshadow the happiness of this day, but I wanted to give you all an update on my Dad. Several of you have texted, left comments, called and written on my Facebook page (which I have checked a few times from my phone) and the update is that his vitals are now dropping and they have upped his morphine in order to keep him comfortable. The family has been called, so now it's just all in God's perfect timing. If things go as planned, I am leaving at 3pm today to get Jenna, pick up her birthday cupcake from Gigi's and get home in time to meet the cable guy, so hopefully I can post again this afternoon from home.

Thanks for all your prayers. We need them and especially ask for a peaceful passing for Daddy. Will update when I know more.


Stacey said...

Happy Birthday Miss Jenna Grace. Too bad I'm not in town I would ask your mom if we could go climb the Beast 4,000 times today in honor of your special day. Sandra I just sent you an email. I wasn't sure where you were or if you had comp access. Thinking of y'all.

Christy said...

How amazing it is to think that our little girls are eight years old! Happy Birthday, Jenna Grace! I still think about that sweet picture of her on Steve's motorcycle!