1 week

In just a few hours, it will be 24 hours since I got the call that changed my life. A week...doesn't seem possible.

I know this post is long past due. But now the emotions aren't so close to the surface and I can better say all that I wanted.

During the visitation for Daddy, I saw so many friends that I hadn't seen in a while and it was so nice. I think I had more friends represented by flowers than anyone else at the funeral home and I was SO proud of that.

My friend Kelly sang "I Can Only Imagine" and I will never be able to hear that song the same way again. It was beautiful and meaningful and I'm so glad he was able to be there. Unfortunately for him, he and I were very close when my mother passed away some number of years ago. My home church pastor did the service and he included several sweet memories which made the whole thing a little more bearable. Daddy had said several times in the past that he loved the bagpipes, so I hired a bagpiper who played at the cemetery and that was just amazing. And it was very economical...worth every penny. Because Daddy was a veteran, an American flag was presented to Bertie. It was all just very sweet although very sad.

My family from Jacksonville Florida came in. These are the sons of my uncle James (who passed away when I was in Kindergarten). There are 4 of them, all carrying the Jett name and they all came up from Florida including Tracey (one of the wives) and Elizabeth (my aunt, married to James). I can't even put into words how touching it was for all of them to come up. In fact, we asked the 4 men to be pallbearers. They loved Daddy and it was an honor to have them participate.

After all the activities, we went to Bertie's for food. For such a sad time, it was great to all be together. All these pictures were taken around the funeral service and after. My friend from work, Katelyn, was kind enough to use my camera to get some of these shots so I would have them. Thanks friend!

So, the question of the day is how am I doing? I am OK. The most obvious hard part is over. Now I learn to live without my father. Friday I went to work for a few hours just so I wasn't sitting at home alone with my thoughts. I had 2 birthday parties (one a surprise) to finish planning, so I left at 2pm. Not a very productive day. Today was my first full day back and I found it hard to focus. I was 0% productive today so tomorrow I am back to the grind and going to try and hole up in my office and focus. We are eventually going to have to go through Daddy's things, pick out the headstone and talk to the attorney...all things that will bring the sadness back to the forefront.

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