Book Review-Sisterchicks in Wooden Shoes

OK...here we are...another review, another giveaway!

Sisterchicks in Wooden Shoes is written by Robin Jones Gunn. It is a very sweet book and reminded me a little of the Yada-Yada books if you have ever read them. It is a very good read and one that I finished in less than a week. There's an entire LINE of Sisterchick books and they are all stand alone stories, so you don't have to read the others to enjoy this one...but once you read this one, you'll be hooked and there are many others to read and enjoy.

About Sisterchicks...

When a mammogram result comes back abnormal, midlife mama Summer Finley makes a snap decision to relegate fear to the back burner and fulfill a lifelong dream. Summer heads for Holland where she meets up with tulips, wooden shoes, and her best friend, Noelle.

Pen pals since fourth grade, Summer and Noelle have never met face-to-face. Through decades of heart-level correspondence, they have sustained a deep friendship. A week of adventure helps both women trade anxiety for a renewed and deeper trust in God. When Summer confides in Noelle about the abnormal medical report, Noelle finds the freedom to share a long-held heartache, and both women discover they needed each other more than they realized.

Readers will enjoy Robin Jones Gunn’s humorous and uplifting style. True-to-life characters and moments of poignancy bring a deeper understanding of the value of life and the gift of true friends. As a bonus, there is a readers guide and bonus material included. Fabulous!

This Sisterchicks book is just one of several of the Sisterchick stories. If you are wondering what in the world a Sisterchick is, allow me to define (straight from the Sisterchick website): "a friend who shares the deepest wonders of your heart, loves you like a sister, and provides a reality check when you're being a brat." So, don't we ALL have Sisterchicks????

Let me encourage you to leave me a comment or email me at sandras_junk@charter.net to enter and win a copy of this book. Once you are done reading, go out, pick up the other Sisterchicks books and pass this one on to a fellow Sisterchick!

I'll draw 2 winners after Friday, June 12. And as always, if you can't wait for the drawing, you can go here to purchase it yourself!

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