Yesterday, I celebrated the 8 year anniversary of a life entering this world. Today I mourn the loss of a life leaving this world.

Just 5 short months ago, I sat in a similar room at a similar home watching another loved one dying. Yesterday, I found myself in the same situation except now it was my earthly father instead of my beloved mother-in-law.

Last night, I watched as death stole the vitality and breath from my Daddy. 8 years ago a life was born and it changed me forever. Today a life left this world that will change my life just as dramatically.

Today I said goodbye to my last living biological parent and Jenna got a belated birthday present in that her Poppop met Jesus face to face and reunited with her grandma. But Sunday I will celebrate Father's Day without mine.

Thanks for your well wishes in whatever form they've taken. The two questions I'm getting are:
*How are you doing? I am doing as well as can be expected. Daddy was just a few weeks shy of his 82nd birthday and he had been ill for some time. There is some relief in that he is no longer suffering and some joy in that he is in heaven with my mother, my childhood pastor and friend and mother-in-law (as well as all his siblings who he outlived by many years). Yet there is suffocating grief in between. Bertie is doing about the same. She needs some serious rest as it has literally been days since she slept. She will need strength in the coming days as she will feel his absence more acutely than the rest of the family. *Can we do anything? At this point, all we need are prayers. I would love for someone to come clean my house, fix me dinner and do the laundry, but I guess that's what I have Steve for! :) In all seriousness, we are fine and there is nothing right now we need except your moral and prayer support.

Visitation will be tomorrow, Wednesday, June 17 from 4pm-8pm at Woodbine Funeral home on Nolensville Road (for the locals, this is the "old" Woodbine, NOT Hickory Chapel). The service will be at 11:00am (1 hour prior to the service will be visitation) at the funeral home with the interment at Woodlawn Cemetery immediately following the service. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Radnor Baptist Church Building Fund.

Herman Paul Jett
"Daddy", "Pappy", "Grandaddy" & "Poppop"

July 5, 1927 - June 16, 2009

Daddy-I love you. I miss you already. Tell Mama "Hi" for me and I'll be seeing you both again one day.


clg0513 said...

I am thinking of you and your family! Hopefully will be able to come out tomorrow after dinner time.

leigh ann said...

This is a beautiful tribute, Sandra. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Christy said...

Thinking of you and praying for you during this emotional, draining time. Wish I could be there to sneak in and clean your house (you should know how much you mean to me, because I hate to clean!)