Chase's Address

Many of you have asked for it, so here it is...Chase's address at boot camp.

RCT Taylor, Steven C/8805
Platoon 1053 , Co "C" 1st RTBN
P.O. Box 11053
Parris Island , SC
29905 - 1053

If anyone out there wants to write a card or letter of support, I have heard that those are very important to recruits during bootcamp. Steve and I would love it if you would drop him a line. I know several of you have already asked me if you could do so and to you, THANK YOU!

Please note that letters and cards are fine, but nothing large, bulky and no food items. I'll have more information about what can and can't be sent, but until now, these guidelines should suffice. Also, the recruits only get about 1 hour per night (if that) to write, so please don't be offended if you don't get a return letter or note. Just know that he's receiving them and that we all appreciate your support.

We are sending our letters out with the morning mail so hopefully he'll have something from home in just a few days.

And feel free to forward this around to any of your friends or church members that might like to write as well. I have heard the first 5-6 weeks are the toughest as they are being broken down and so as much encouragement as they can get is definitely needed.


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