Into the Bible Wax Museum

On Thursday, Jenna has to participate in a Bible Wax Museum at school. She had to choose a Biblical character and then memorize 4 facts about her person. On Thursday, each 1st grade class will stand in a hallway at school and "strike a pose". The other classes will pass by and when someone touches Jenna, she will recite her memorized facts and the person will have to guess who she is.

Sooo...here she is...given her facts, can you guess who she is?

"My real name is Hadassah. I was raised by my cousin Mordecai. I was chosen by the king as the new Queen of Persia. I saved my people - the Jews - from being killed by a man named Haman. Who am I?"

Meet Queen Esther.

And I thought you would enjoy knowing (for my crafty friends out there) that I made her outfit. Oh yes, I made it. Of course, "made" is relative. I went to Joanns tonight after work and bought three different kinds of fabric. The lady was very nice in helping me figure out how much I would need. I basically just draped the long purple piece over her and then cut a hole out for her head. Then I wrapped the light purple fabric around her waist like a belt and the gold over her head. The crown came in a crown-making kit and Jenna made that. And of course, I bought the "scepter" which will light up. I think she makes a perfect Queen. After all, doesn't a queen start out a princess??!!! :)

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A beautiful queen, too!