Things You Need To Know

There are a lot of people that read this blog to keep up with the Taylors who I don't correspond with on a daily basis (which is the whole reason for this blog). So, there are a couple things I need to update on...

Chase arrived Parris Island, SC safely for Marine Boot Camp. He was able to make one phone call upon arrival, and it was totally scripted...and YELLED (think any military movie you've seen, "SIR YES SIR!"). He called his mother and since there was to be no exchange of words between them, she let it go to her answering machine so we all could hear. Basically, the call went something like this: "This is Recruit Taylor. I have arrived safely at Parris Island. Do not send food or bulk items to me. I will contact you by letter in 7-10 days with my mailing address. Thank you for your support." So. What we know is that he's there and (thanks to a friend at work whose son is going into the Marines in December) he is still going through processing until this weekend. He'll send one postcard with his address, most likely to his mom, and then we'll be able to write letters (and only letters) to him. If you are interested in sending him a card or letter, let me know and I'll forward his address to you (via email) as soon as I get it. I have heard they really appreciate letters and cards, so I intend to send him something about twice a week (one will be from Steve and I), but the other will be from Jenna.

Now, onto more somber news. As many of you know, my Dad has not been in good health for a while. He suffers from advanced stage COPD (pulmonary disease) and dementia. He spent a long weekend in the hospital over Mother's Day and even though he was discharged, he has not been well ever since. His dementia makes him paranoid and wild and it has gotten out of control. My dear stepmother (who has cared for him in ways you would never believe) finally broke down and called Hospice for help. Their first evaluation of Daddy came back with the result of "this appears to be the beginning of the end"...we haven't been given a time, but due to some signs he is exhibiting, it will most likely be sooner rather than later. In other words, most likely by the end of 2009 (and probably well before then), Jenna will have lost 2 grandparents in one year. A hospital bed has been brought in and he's getting morphine to keep him "comfortable"....these are both ominous signs that I've seen two times before when Hospice came in (once with my Mom and once with Steve's).

So, there you have it. I would have blogged this news earlier, but I wanted to be sure all my family knew so they weren't surprised when they read my blog. And for those who want to know how I am doing...I am surviving. Daddy is almost 82 and has been in poor health for some time. I have known this time would come, but I can assure you, that doesn't make it easy/easier or mean I'm ready. My only consolation is that I know my God has this all under control and I believe that my Dad will be able to see my mother again when he passes on from this life. That gives me great comfort. As much as I love my stepmom, I believe my mom and dad were soulmates. (just in case you are wondering, my stepmom's first husband died of cancer as well so I believe he was her soulmate...not to leave her out!). I appreciate your prayers for my family as we go through the next few months. I'll try to keep you posted.

That's about all....as if that's not enough!

BTW-for you AI fans...GO KRIS!!!! :)


Christy said...

Keeping you in my prayers. I can only imagine the stress level in your house. Tell everyone to give everyone else a big hug from me!

Meredith said...

We'd love Chase's address ...

I am praying for you and your family through all these trials. Sorry friend. Wish I could make it better.