Happy Memorial Day!

I've been up for several hours and still am the only one out of bed. What a great way to start a holiday!

Oddly enough today holds a different meaning for me entirely than the years past (was that even a coherent sentence?). Before Memorial Day was just a free day off work and time to spend with friends cooking out or what have you. Today, I find myself thinking of Chase, wondering what he is doing and then my thoughts move to all the other service men and women who are serving or have served our country. For my own and for all of those out there, I thank you.

Digressing just a bit, I think I want to go buy a flag and fly it at the house. You don't see that much anymore, but I am feeling more patriotic these days, so that might just be an investment worth making this year.

Digressing even further, several of you have mentioned wanting Chase's address to send him a word of thanks and/or encouragement. I am humbled by your thoughtfulness because selfish as I am, that thought would never have crossed my mind before. Oh the ways that life changes us! Anyway, we don't know what his address is yet, but when we do, I will pass it along on my blog and anyone that wishes can send him a note or card. I can imagine that he will appreciate it more than we'll ever know.

So, what does today hold for the Taylors? Well, as soon as the family is up moving around, we are going to visit my dad. There's really not been much change, but we did make it over Friday night to visit. He was definitely not aware of our presence the entire time we were there. Jenna was at an end-of-school function (no parents allowed!), so it was just Steve and I. We just sat in the room with him and I rubbed his head. I tried to get him to wake up several times, but he just couldn't. I doubt he even knew I was there. We'll go back today to allow Jenna to at least see him again even though he might not realize she is there either.

After our visit, we are going to our 8th annual Memorial Day activity...my great nephew's birthday party! He was actually born on May 30th, but each Memorial Day we celebrate his birthday. Jenna will have fun playing with her cousin and I'll enjoy catching up with my family. And of course, it will be another opportunity to bust out the camera for a photo op! :)

After the party, we are headed home to grill some hamburgers and hotdogs. I went to the grocery store yesterday and even got a big watermelon. I have the perfect Memorial Day spread...hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, dip, corn on the cob (fresh) and watermelon! I might even make some iced tea! It does look like it's going to rain, but I hope it holds off long enough for us to celebrate tonight. I LOVE grilled hamburgers and hotdogs.

Anyway, I hear the shower running which means Steve's out of bed. I need to get my girl up and dressed since we'll be needing to leave in about an hour. I gotta get ME dressed too since I put my PJs back on when I got out of the shower this morning! And then there is that little matter of wrapping a gift for the birthday boy today!

Happy Memorial Day to you!!!! Enjoy!

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