My Mother's Day

I have had (so far) a very enjoyable Mother's Day. Last night Steve and I went to TPAC to see Happy Days. It was not the best show I've seen there, but it was pretty good. At least I really enjoyed the Happy Days theme song they kept singing!

Chase came over to spend the night with us last night and then went to church with us today. I'd love to say that he came just to spend time with me on Mother's Day, but I know better. I don't think he really realized it was going to be Mother's Day when he planned to come over. But since it's MY day, I'm going to believe he wanted to spend some time with me today. Either way, I truly enjoyed it. Knowing our time is short (he leaves in just ONE WEEK), made the time spent together even sweeter. Don't we look the handsome group?
This morning I got my gifts from Jenna (and Steve)...I have to say they always do a great job at picking stuff out and Jenna was giddy with excitement for me to open my first gift that she helped pick out. And what a sweet surprise!Steve said the first pendant she picked up cost $6,000! I can assure you this one was WAYYYYY less! But I have to say, that's my girl! :)

But I'm partial to the homemade gifts and this was one of the best. I don't know if you can read what Jenna wrote on her sheet, so here is what it says (exactly the way she wrote it).
"My Mom is special because...She raises me. She gets happy for very little thanks I do. And she knows me. And that's why I love her" (I think what she meant was that I get happy for THINGS she does.)

"I like it when my Mom...make dlishes lunch on Saturday. It is yumeee mmm sweet."

"My Mom can do many things! I think she's best at...being a mom. She was raised good. and that is what she good at. being a mom."

"My Mom has a pretty smile! I like to make her smile by...Laughing. when my dad tikels me. And that's what makes her laugh."

"My Mom is pretty as a...swan. She swa's in the air." (not sure about me swaying in the air, but um, OK...didn't the pretty swan start out as an ugly duckling???)

"My Mom is smart! She even knows...me. She know's me so well."

And from church, she brought me a mini flower pot with a marigold (which I hope will bloom soon).

We had lunch with Steve's family in honor of his mother who we continue to miss like crazy. And then we visited the cemetery (both my mom and his). Finally we rounded out our day with a visit with Bertie who was at the hospital with my Dad. Daddy went in the hospital on Thursday because he was having a difficult mental time. Turns out he had a bladder infection which they are treating with antibiotics and giving him a little extra breathing treatments. Right now, he is functioning at 20% lung capacity. That's not good, but it's not as low as we expected. Not sure when (or if) he will come home. Every time he has to go into the hospital, we are faced with the choice of whether to bring him home or to an assisted living facility. It's a tough decision to make and it has not gotten any easier.

But overall, my day was good. Always bittersweet with the loss of Mary still so fresh and the ever present loss of my own mother so many years ago now. But it still was a good day.

And if you are waiting on the drawing for Enduring Justice...I'm going to post that first thing in the morning...today is reserved for Mother's day! :)

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