Last Sunday, Jenna came into church with her little craft from Sunday School class.  It was a little different than what I usually see her bring in...a handmade mobile.
If you can't read it, the top says, "I can be willing to do what God tells me to do".  That was nice and all, but check out the cards hanging from the mobile...
Can you read them?  They say, "I will trust that God will give Kylie a good life".  "I will be patient with Kylie" and "I will be careful about what I say around my sister."

I thought that was so sweet!  But they get better...

"I accept the things that Kylie needs even if it might take up my space."  Whoa.  That's deep right?  She is already realizing that things are going to change.  Except when I actually asked her about it she confessed she was thinking more about sharing her suitcase when we travel to China.  Ah....Ok...I'm good with that!  The next one says, "I will respect my sister" and "I will be nice to Kylie."

Then there was a couple more...
"I will take care of my sister if Mom and Dad are gone" and "I will love my sister".  Welp.  I think that about covers it.  What a sweet heart Jenna has already towards her soon-to-be-little-sister.  I know she is going to be the best sister ever!  I hope what she experiences with us throughout this journey impacts the rest of her life.  It is my heart's desire to see her grow up and eventually adopt children of her own. 

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