Article 5...Another Wait Begins

I found out today our Article 5 paperwork was dropped off at the Consulate in China on Tuesday, January 17.  The thing about the Article 5 is that is always takes 2 weeks exactly to get processed.  So, normally that would mean, our completed Article 5 would be picked up January 31.  However, Monday is Chinese New Year and those lucky Chinese...they get the WHOLE WEEK off to celebrate!!

With that, our Article 5 will be picked up on Febuary 7.  That is when the real fun begins...we begin the wait for Travel Approval!  We are on the next to the last step in traveling to bring our Kylie home!  To be honest, I alternate between hyperventilating because it's another 6-8 weeks to travel and hyperventilating because OMG IT'S 6-8 WEEKS TO TRAVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have more to say, but not tonight.  There's more exciting stuff coming though...so come on back.


Julie said...

Remember when I said the same thing???!!! It's funny how you wait and wait and then suddenly it's almost too soon (almost). YAY, soooo happy that you are this close!

Christy said...

So excited for you guys! Looking like the year of the Dragon will be a wonderful one for you!
Can't wait to hear more!

Vicky said...

I have love following along! You are so close to your sweet baby!

Lori @ Five of My Own said...

Just wanted to say hi. Our A5 was dropped off on the 17th too. Hopefully we'll both be in China in March!

Your little one is ADORABLE!!!!!