Something to Look Forward To!

I am so excited to tell you that 4 of the best friends a girl could have are throwing me a shower on Saturday!  I actually went and registered at ToysRUs and Target, although it was not nearly the same as when I did it 10 years ago when I was pregnant and walking around with that little price gun!

Now, you can add and delete stuff online and it is great fun.  I'm just so excited.  There is so much we need desperately.  And I have been reading lately about how hard it is to do showers after she gets home, so I'm thrilled they had the foresight to do it before we left!  It will be such a blessing to us, I'm sure!  Pictures to come, for sure!

Thank you Rachel VG, Leigh Ann M, Elizabeth Y. and Jill P.!!!!  Can't wait for Saturday!!

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Stacia said...

That's wonderful! I hope Kylie gets everything she needs and some fun things as well. :)