One Step Closer!

I just found out that our I-800 was approved today by the USCIS!!!  What that means is that we are one step closer to bringing Kylie home!

There are more steps to go, but I keep hearing the rest of it goes fast and I'm starting to believe!  The USCIS will now forward our 800 approval to the National Visa Center via 2 day air.  Once the NVC gets the approval, they will enter it into their system and send the request to the US Embassy in China  who will be issuing Kylie's visa.  Once it has been sent to the Embassy, we will receive a PDF letter stating as much.  When I receive that email letter, I send it to my agency who forwards it to the China contact who will take the paperwork to the Embassy.  2 weeks later, my Article 5 is picked up and then taken to the CCCWA who will then begin work on issuing our travel approval! 

We have Chinese New Year in the middle of all this, so not sure how that will slow us down, but that is a week off for everyone in China including the US Embassy!  So just pray we can travel in March during the week of Spring Break!


Stacia said...

I know I posted on your FB wall but wanted to post my happiness for you speeding through on your blog for extra measure. :)

brook said...


brook :)