More Hair Goodies!

I might have mentioned that I went a little overboard with the hair accessories when we realized Kylie was sporting a Mohawk.  I got the last of my orders this past Friday and I am so excited to show these to you!
These are from Polka Dot Posies and the little clips are sold separately and are interchangeable!  Not just that, but they can be put on other things like these cute little headbands to dress them up!
I have no idea whether Kylie will go for the headbands, but I can't wait to find out!  And the best part?  These items are like $1-$3 each so they are super economical and if one goes missing...well, no big deal!

I just love these sweet things and I hope to get many, many more!!


Allison said...

I found some cute hats like that too! I'm waiting to see Lyla's latest head measurements and she is SO going to have one! Kylie will be SO cute! Well, she's cute anyway, but you know what I mean!

Christy said...

That will be a super styling little girl! Can't wait to see pictures!