Adoption Update-National Visa Center

Happy Friday 13th!!!

We have now confirmed that our I-800 approval has arrived at the National Visa Center (NVC) and has been entered into their system.  They will now send a letter to the US Embassy.  I need a PDF copy of this letter emailed to me so that my agency can use it to start the process of getting our Article 5.  We should be getting that PDF any day now.

From that point, there is a 2 week wait exactly for the Article 5 to be picked up.  Once the Article 5 is ready, we begin our Travel Approval wait which is averaging now about 16 days.

I will update again when I know that our PDF approval has been cabled to the Embassy!!!

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Christy said...

Let me get this straight, you could have your travel day scheduled in about a month!?! AAAAAaa! How exciting! Praying everything goes smoothly!