Other Fun Things

I was turned on to Baby Steals a few months ago when I was on the search for an Ergo for less than the $100+ it typically goes for.  Unfortunately, I never found an Ergo on Baby Steals, but I have found a number of other items!  One thing I recently found was a diaper bag back pack.

It's a Moby and it's really no frills.  But the draw for me is my concern about how me, Jenna and Deanne are going to carry everything in China.  Once we have Kylie, I'll most likely carry her around in my Ergo carrier (ended up finding it on Ebay thanks to my friend Jennifer!) and then of course, I will have my camera bag which will double as my "purse" and then her diaper bag.  I know we can split it up and each carry something, but the thought of carrying all that was definitely giving me pause.  When I saw this, I thought it would be perfect!
It's no nonsense, but roomy and super lightweight.  The outside feels a bit water resistant as well (though it might not be).  I thought it would be perfect.  It lays flat, so I can pack it going over and then we'll have it loaded up coming back but it will double perfectly as a carry on!

I was very pleased with the purchase which was just a little over $20.

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