New Year's Resolution?

Hmmm...every year, I make resolutions...some for work, some for life in general.  This year, I'm just making decisions to try a little harder at life.  Resolutions are made for breaking so this year, I'm going to try harder to:

1.  Be nice to others.  I sometimes get so busy and in a hurry that I am just not as nice as I should be.
2.  Spend time with God.  If you only knew how far I've slidden in my private time with the Lord, you would understand how badly I need this one.
3.  Live in the moment.  Sometimes I catch myself looking at Jenna and seeing her as the young lady she is becoming and it nearly takes my breath away.  I have already promised myself not to take my frustration and jet-lagged attitude out on her while we are in China.
4.  Be nice to my husband.  He loves me unlike any other.  And I feel the same about him.  Unfortunately I don't always show him.  2 1/2 weeks apart is going to be hard. 
5.  Love my family more.  And I mean by calling, emailing or texting them more often.  My sister in law is leaving her family for 2 1/2 weeks to travel across the globe to pick up a child which isn't even hers.  I need to love all my family better.  Because they love me.

Basically, to sum up my non-New Year's Resolution in a word... LOVE.  Because at the root of each of these things is LOVE.

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