A Farewell...

I have waited a while to post this.  Mostly because it was an emotional subject for me, so I wanted to wait until I could work through the emotion of it.  While I am still sad, I feel like I am on the other side of it (which is funny because by the time I finished writing this, I was crying again!).

Remember this girl?
That is my friend Katelyn.  You can find her over on her blog, On Repeat.  I met Katelyn about 3 years ago when she started in my department fresh out of college.  I'd like to say we were immediate friends, but that's not the way the story goes.  I was also entering a new position at work and we were both focused on finding our way around our new jobs.

But somewhere along the way, we hit it off.  A lunch here and a text there and before I knew it, we were eating lunch together nearly every day.  I've said to her before how it amazes me how we became friends because let's be honest, what does a young, single (but spoken for), non-mom college graduate have in common with a not-so-young, married, mom-with-kids?  Yeah, I'm not sure either.  But the friendship which has developed over the past 3 years proves that opposites definitely attract.

About a month ago, Katelyn stepped into my office and actually made me GUESS the news she had to tell me.  The news that she was leaving the company, packing her bags and moving across the country to Denver, CO.  I am pretty sure she thought I was going to lose my mind and I think she was closer to being right than she realized.  Lucky for her, the shock created an entirely different response.  Normally, I would have been the voice of reason in the situation (which came later, for those of you who worried I lost my edge!), but all I could summon up that day was support. 

Katelyn and I have always called each other "WBFF", work best friends forever.  And for a week or so after the news, I would think, "Oh well, life goes on."  Or so I thought.  But then I found myself crying at night when I'd think about life at work without my "WBFF".  Finally, one day, standing at the copier I realized somewhere along the way, Katelyn had become more than my tongue-in-cheek WBFF.  She was my FRIEND.  My in-real-life FRIEND. 

And she was leaving.

Looking back, I wondered how it was this deep friendship happened without me realizing it.  But in thinking about it, it was there all along.  Katelyn was the first person I told about us adopting.  She came to Jenna's baptism all the way across town early on a Sunday morning.  She attended church with me when we were at the main campus of our church.  She has attended a number of funerals and visitations since she's known me. Katelyn knows just about as much about special needs adoption in China as I do.  She was the first person (besides Steve) I told when we got our LOA. 

She is more than just a work best friend. 

She is a true friend to me. 

One of the closest I have.

And now she's leaving to pursue a dream which just happens to be clear across the country.  I won't have her to eat lunch with anymore.  When I receive travel approval, she won't be here for me to tell.  When I step off that airplane, in Nashville, with Kylie as a new family of 4...she won't be there.

Don't misunderstand, I am supportive of this leap of faith she is taking.  But in a purely selfish way, I sure wish she'd stay.  There's so much more life for us to "do" together. 

But she's leaving. 

Tomorrow is her last day at work and then she is off to Denver.  And I'll be here.  I'm pretty sure I've said to her all that I need to say.  But just in case she needs to hear it again and because I KNOW there is no way I will be able to say it on Friday...

My friend, Katelyn-

My, how I'm going to miss you!  I don't think I text anyone more than you and I know my Instant Messenger will never be the same!  I wish you all the best in Denver and I hope your dreams come true wherever you end up!   

I can't believe you are really going and I just can't imagine work without you here.  You are truly one of my best friends so let's not call this "goodbye"... just "see you later".
If there is one thing you need to know is that my life is better because you were a part of it

Good luck friend!  You will forever be in my prayers.
Friends Always,


Vicky said...

Wow, I know this is hard! I'm sorry you are losing your best friend!

Jill said...

Okay...thanks for the cry session this morning...if I have a headache all day I am not going to be happy!!

Julie said...

So sweet, and I know it was hard for you to write! It is hard to lose a WBFF. And I'm laughing about your Instant Messenger....those do take some abuse, don't they?

Katelyn said...

i love this post friend! made me cry for sure. we're not losing each other, we'll just be a short text, call and skype away!