All about Jenna

Jenna was out of school today which was smart planning on someone's part (seeing that yesterday was Halloween).  Anyway, Steve's not been feeling well, so she had to pretty much fend of herself for part of the day as he rested and recovered.

I say that to bring your attention to my Facebook status several of you saw earlier today...
I'm writing this post at 9:30pm, so if you do a quick calculation, you can see that this status update was made about 3:30pm this afternoon while I was at work.  At first, that might not seem odd, but I was in a meeting at work at 3:30 not to mention Facebook is blocked at work for obvious distraction reasons.

Not only is the time of the update unusual, but the fact that "our" is misspelled in this context as "are".  It didn't take me long to figure out some little someone had hijacked my Facebook account and updated my status for me.  I would have never known this at all except that my friend Carrie texted AND emailed me wanting to know what the heck was up and how my adoption moved along that quickly over the weekend.  Thank God for friends who are paying attention!

I immediately updated my status (from my phone) and Steve followed up with a comment.  I called Jenna to find out what was going on.  Here's how that conversation went:

Me:  Jenna, did you get on my Facebook?!
Jenna:  (in a tiny voice) I was trying to talk to you.

Now, what she meant was she was trying to instant message me.  I explained how serious this situation was because now a whole bunch of people thought we were on our way to China to pick up her little sister.  She said, "I'm sorry, I didn't know".  I grounded her from the computer for a few days, but I really couldn't be mad at her.  At least she's excited and that makes me LOOOOOVE her all the more!

As I mentioned earlier, Steve's been really feeling under the weather and just like her older sister, Jenna worries about Steve when he isn't feeling well.  She calls me at work about 1:45 and says that she has googled how to make a cold go away on ehealth.com (or some medical website) and it said to eat chicken noodle soup.  All we had was cream of chicken but she already had it out and was just wondering how to cook it.  She managed to get the can open, put it in a microwave safe bowl, cook it and serve it to Steve all by herself.   I mean.  What a sweet and loving heart my baby girl has.  And she did that after researching colds on the internet.  I love that child!

As an FYI, Steve is having sinus surgery on Thursday.  I am VERY nervous about it because I have heard only horrible scary things about the surgery.  I just hate to see Steve or Jenna sick or in pain and not be able to help or make it stop.  If you think about it, just say a quick prayer for all of us on Thursday and this weekend.

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