Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!  Our day started out with church as usual.  After church, we came home and grabbed some lunch.  Steve hasn't been feeling well, so he laid down to rest and I ran out to the grocery store.  Remember back in the summer, I mentioned that I was having a hard time getting onto a regular schedule?  Well, this is probably the first time since then that I have been to the grocery store to full-on buy groceries.  I've been there picking up this or that, but it's just been crazy.

I have even let my couponing go (gasp!) and so today, my receipt said I only saved 12%. Boo.  Anyway, I did manage to get everything I needed (I think...didn't really make a list...baby steps!) and still came out about $10 under budget.

Tonight we went over to our friend's house (the Moores) who have been hosting our LifeGroup this month.  Have I told you how much I love my LifeGroup?  For the Station Hillers, I'm sure you've heard me say that about a time or twenty.  :)  We did hot dogs and s'mores around the fire pit.  Between that and the wonderful company, it was heaven!

Then those that wanted to stay, went trick or treating in their neighborhood.  We had a bit of trouble getting Jenna to settle down and get into costume and then we had a wardrobe malfunction with it.  By the time she was dressed, everyone had left to go trick or treating, so we didn't put on any makeup or anything.  But here she is anyway...the Countess of Darkness.
We hit a few houses and then Jenna was ready to go home because she was cold and Steve was really feeling awful.  All in all, she got some good loot.  And we had bought a bunch of stuff to give away, which we didn't, so we have plenty of sweets in the house.

On another note, if you don't know already, next Sunday is Orphan Sunday.  Our church is recognizing this day and has asked for family photos of those that have adopted or are in the process.  This weekend, I was determined to get the scrapbook pages done for our dossier and part of those pages are 2 posed family photos.  I quickly disovered I didn't have hardly ANY recent family photos with all three of us in the picture.  So, when I found out they needed one for Orphan Sunday, I figured we'd better just take one.  And here we are...
And it only took about 3 takes to get it.  If you remember this post, you'll know what a miracle that was.
Anwyay, I did get those pages done for our dossier.  I had one family picture from Easter, so I used it and the other one, we had to stage at my sister's house last night.  Considering it was another on-the-fly picture, thought it turned out pretty good.
We are STILL waiting on the doctor's letter.  Once we get it, we will be done with our home study except for the sign off by the agency.  And we are lucky that now we have everything to go in our dossier.  We have to get each of these items county certified, then state certified and finally authenticated by the Chinese Embassy.  So, we still have a long way to go, but we are getting there.  The doctor's office did call late last week and said the doctor was "working on it today".  Now, I'm not sure what he's "working on" since all they had to do was type the letter I WROTE for them onto their letterhead, sign and have someone notarize it.  Of course, now I'm worried that they are adding stuff to the letter which hasn't already been approved by the agency.  What can I say?  I have to have something to worry about.

One last thing about our adoption...we have a fundraiser starting soon.  I am pretty excited about it and hope that each of you that keep up with me on this blog will help me on it.  It's not anything huge, but more information to come soon, I hope!  Stay tuned!

Happy Halloween!

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