South Africa - A Country of Contrast

As most of you know by now, I arrived back in the states about this time last night.  I have not yet had time to process all that I saw while there or what God taught me, but I did want to post somewhat of a summary.  I'm starting to experience the "re-entry" phase (which is not always easy) and I'm hoping posting will help sort my thoughts.  So, here goes...

What to say about my journey to Cape Town, South Africa?  SO much.  There are not enough words to convey all that is in my heart about this country of contrasts.  It's where extreme beauty meets extreme poverty.  But regardless of where you are, you can see God's hand ALL OVER.  And beauty is not always defined how society tells us it is.

The beauty there is unbelievable.  I saw things that make me fall to my knees in awe of an awesome God that created this world.  I wonder how anyone can look around and see the crystal blue waters of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans (depending on where you are) or be surrounded by the majesty of tall mountains or watch two elephants frolicking near a watering hole and not believe in The God that created it all.

But just down the road...in townships such as Masiphumelele, Capricorn, Ocean View, Overcome Heights and Red Hill...are what can best be described as shantys.  Shacks.  Lean-to's. 

The poverty.

There is nothing.  These people have so little.  Yet I witnessed indescribable joy and love for God in a small church in Masi.  Men and women dressed in their Sunday "best" singing praise to God at the top of their lungs. 


Little children, dirty, hungry, smelly.  But yet also singing about how Jesus is their superhero.  Their best friend.  Oh how I long for a relationship with God like that. 

When you have nothing else but Him, you find you NEED nothing else but Him.

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