iPad Giveaway Update

I just wanted to keep everyone posted on the iPad giveaway which is helping to fund our international adoption...

In the last about 30 hours we have sold approximately 30 tickets!  That is a great start!  However, we have a very long way to go!

I'm asking all of you to do several things:
a) Do NOT procrastinate!  Buy your ticket now!
b) If you have a Facebook account, please link to my blog in your status!
c) If you have a Twitter account, Tweet about this and then ask your friends to retweet.
d) If you have a blog, post about it on your blog.
e) Email the link to everyone in your email address book!

You can win a brand new iPad worth $500 for just $10!  Trust me, if this were anyone else, I'd be entering too!

For more information, just click on the iPad on the right sidebar and ENTER NOW!  And keep checking back to see how we are doing!

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