Black Friday Night Shopping

Outside of Steve's random run to Kohls at 3am (which he claims he hardly remembers), we are NOT Black Friday shoppers.  I can't stand crowds and people who are too busy gazing at things to get themselves and their buggies out of the middle of the aisle so the rest of the people can walk through.  Oh and while I'm at it, WHY would you take your kids shopping with you on a day like Black Friday?  I mean, I of all people, get not having someone to watch them, but last night we encountered multiple screaming, not just crying, SCREAMING little ones.  You could just tell they had already had enough.  Anyway, I digress.

And up until fairly recently, I never ventured out on Black Friday.  However, I have always liked doing my Christmas shopping in one weekend or day.  I've been known to travel to Gatlinburg with friends and do it there, though that has been years ago.  But a few years ago, boredom overtook me and thus began the tradition of Black Friday Night shopping.  You can read about how that tradition came to be here.

Rachel was going to accompany last night for the annual BFN shopping and she brought along our friend Lindsey C.  Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of BFN shopping with anyone because if they have an agenda, and you have an agenda...well, you can see how it could become more of a burden than fun.  I can assure you, THERE WAS NO BURDEN TO THE COMPANY I KEPT LAST NIGHT!  Rachel and Lindsey were all, "We'll go wherever you go".  And holy cow they did.  Nary a complaint (at least until I was out of earshot!)

We hit Target, Kirklands (oh yes.  I'm going back there today.  I *may* have gotten stuff there that was more of a Christmas present for me than anyone else!) and then Kohls.  I got almost everything I needed for Jenna except one pretty expensive game she's been wanting for a couple years.  It was on sale at ToysRUs for $55, but target was supposed to have it for $49 and they had a $10 off coupon.  But of course, the down side to shopping BFN was they were all gone.  I bought some other things and got a $5 Target gift card so I figured I could come home and buy it at Target online with the gift card and coupon and be none worse for the wear.  However, Target AND TRU was sold out of it online.  On a fluke, I checked Amazon, knowing I might have to pay more for it.  But no...it was IN STOCK and on sale for $49!  And I picked up a few other things on Amazon and got free shipping. 

All that to say, I have a few more things to get and of course all the stocking stuffers (which will come much later) and I'm done.  Now comes the chore of wrapping it all.  But I've got to get this house decorated first.  And that's on the agenda for today.

Look at one of the items I picked up for future use:
I just think it will be SO cute with a picture of Micah, Jenna and their little sister at some point.  I LOVE IT. 

And just so you know, we have officially decided on a name.  It will be on our Christmas cards this year and that's how we are announcing it. 

OK, off to finish the laundry....it's not gonna do itself.  :)

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