Thanksgiving Lunch

As is our tradition each year, Steve and I trekked to Jenna's Thanksgiving lunch at school.  I think the school is onto something because you park, go in, pick up your child, go through the line and eat all in about 45 minutes.  I'm all about Thanksgiving with the family, but there's something to be said for efficiency!

The food was good for cafeteria style Thanksgiving and Jenna loved having us there which is always nice.  As a treat, she got to leave after lunch and go home.  So it was like a 1/2 day for her.  Steve was glad he didn't have to drive all the way back to Nashville a second time.

Jenna's class had made a list of the things they were thankful for.  I think the turkey is super cute so I took the opportunity to get a picture of her with Dad and Katie.
Now, take a closer look at her "thankful" list.  Which by the way, had to spell "THANKFUL" with the words...
You can click to enlarge, but it says...

Terrific Laffy Taffy (because sure, who wants crappy Laffy Taffy?)
Holy Bible (great thinking!)
Awesome God (see a theme going here)
Nice parents (hmmm...just "nice"....why couldn't we have been awesome and God been nice???)
Cute Mittens (even our cat made the list)
Kind Marines (shout out to her Marine brother, Chase)
Funky teacher (Ok, so better to be 'nice' than 'funky'.  I hope the teacher took it as a compliment!)
Unbelievable Jesus (I guess considering what He did for us, it is kinda unbelievable)
Loving family (this is EVERYONE else)

I mean, a pretty good job at telling us what she's really THANCKFUL for.  :)  I think she intentionally misspelled it just so she could get Mitten in there.  Oh that girl.

If I look a little worn out, I had been battling largyngitis apparently caused by a pretty severe sinus infection that I never got over from when I returned from South Africa.

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