I would have lost...

If you remember from this post, we've been on the hunt for a decent Christmas tree.  Last year, we bought a real tree and it was all we could do to keep the stupid thing alive until Christmas.  Seriously, I think the day after Christmas, we chunked it.

So, yesterday, while perusing the sale papers for Black Friday, Steve spotted pre-lit Christmas trees on sale at Kohls for $69.  The catch is, as all you seasoned Black Friday shoppers know, is that you had to get there when the store opened to be ensured to get one for that price.

And I'm sure you all now know what time Kohl's opened?  3am.  And Steve decided he was going to do it.  He was giong to be at Kohls at 3am to get us the 7ft Christmas tree.  This from the man that, when the alarm goes off at 8am will roll back over and go back to sleep because it's just too early.  Many evenings he's set his clock to get up and be somewhere in the morning only to shut the alarm off and decide not to go when the time actually came to get up.  What can I say?  The man loves his sleep!

All yesterday I kept telling him he wasn't going to go.  I asked him why he would try and make himself believe he was actually going to a) get up at 2:30 b) drive in the cold and c) fight the craziness that is Black Friday for this Christmas tree.  And he maintained he was going to do it.  If I'd had anything to wager, I would have bet against him getting up.

So.  The alarm goes off...

And he's out the door and at Kohls by:

And he returns from Kohls at:
This man, actually rolled out of bed at 2:30am this morning.  Got himself dressed.  Got Katie dressed because it was not only raining but cold enough to be SLEETING!  And drove to Kohls (we do have one in our little city).  And sat in the truck until 3am when the chaos began.  And he said it was crazy.  Parking lot was full (however, Target, which opened at 4am is next door) and the people were everywhere.

And do you think he succeeded?  In getting our new tree for $69???

Why yes he did!  Mission accomplished!  Happy Black Friday!

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