What Church Is...

Dictionary.com defines "church" this way..."a building for public Christian worship, the whole body of Christian believers, public worship of god or a religious service in such a building".

Let me tell you how the Taylor dictionary defines Church and more specifically The Church at Station Hill:

1.  Friends who prayed me through a major freak out before the surgery.  Thanks Amy K. and my Tuesday night Bible study.

2.  A friend and deacon showing up at the hospital at 8am to pray before Steve went in to surgery.  Thanks Ryun V. 

3.  Texts or calls regarding Steve's well being all day long.  Thanks Jeremy B., Ryun V., Rachel M., Leigh Ann M. and Brandon A. (and numerous other family and friends)

4.  A word that things will get better soon from someone who knew.  Thanks Maribeth J.

5.  2 hours of almost solid laughter, giving me some much needed comic relief.  Thanks Abbott Lifegroup.

6.  A friend who will pick up my child for school at 6:30am to ease my burden of driving to Nashville 30 times in a day.  Thanks Rachel M.

7.  A couple friend who texted at 6:45am in the morning to not only offer to take Steve to/from his doctor's appointment, but who actually DID bring him home to Spring Hill.  Thanks Rachel and Zach VG.

8.  Friends who prayed us through this entire long weekend.  Thanks Church at Station Hill.  YOU are what Church is all about.

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