Thoughts on Adoption

Tomorrow is Orphan Sunday.  Churches around the nation will recognize this day as will my church.  Up until recently, this day did not mean as much to me as it does now. 

As this day has approached, I've been doing a lot of thinking about adopting and reflecting on the reactions and comments I have heard and even received about our decision to adopt.

I will admit, there are people who I thought would be WAY more supportive of our decision who have barely acknowledged it.  They don't ask how it's going and if we bring it up, they act very indifferent about what we are going through.  And to be honest, I'm surprised and a little hurt.  For the most part, these are the ones I really thought would be our biggest cheerleaders.  I have tried to give the benefit of the doubt in these instances.  So if you are wondering if it is PC to ask us about how the process is going, the answer is YES!  We love to talk about what we are going through.  We are not embarrassed or shy.  For those that aren't familiar with adoption, it is OK to ask.

Then there are those people that I never thought would give a hoot either way who have surprised us with honest and intense interest.  Each time we talk to them, via email, phone or in person, they ask how things are going, what the next steps are and what certain things mean.  I have been pleasantly surprised at these friends.  They aren't necessarily people I thought wouldn't care, but they are folks I never thought would be that interested.  And I LOVE IT!

At any rate, this post isn't meant to make everyone feel like they need to FB, email, call or ask me in person how the adoption is going.  It's simply my thoughts based on my observation.  I am working on not taking it personally if someone acts like they don't really care.  I am old enough to know the world doesn't revolve around me and other people might have a little something else going on in their lives.  Lord knows I know how THAT feels.

Anyway...thanks to all of you who have inquired and prayed for Steve. He maintains this has been the hardest surgery he has ever been through and this is something like number 15.  I have figured out, of the people who have endured this same sinus surgery, there are 2 groups. The first is the group that had no pain, but just a lot of pressure which made them "uncomfortable."  The second group are those that had excruciating pain and say it's the worst pain ever.  However, both groups, it seems, agree that after it's all done with, the results are worth it.  The jury is still out on how Steve will feel, but right now, this surgery is going to have to make him 10 years younger to be worth it.

He is recovering though so thanks for your prayers.  They have been felt and thank God for good pain medicine!

And for those that DO want to know...we are stalled out in the same place with the adoption.  The ONE letter from Steve's doctor is still not ready.  I went by Friday to pick it up after getting Jenna from school and the letter was perfect.  But it wasn't notarized.  So, I had to take it back.  This will be the third attempt, but you know, they say third time is the charm.  We'll see.  We have to have this letter before we can move forward at all now.  Wish us luck.  :)

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