Our spare bedroom is a very pale shade of mint green.  We painted it back when we turned it into a scrapbook room.  I wanted something with just a tinge of color in it and something that would work if we ever had to turn the room back into a bedroom.

I decided to accent the mint green walls with a bright pink stripe.  I talked about it here.  Well, the other day, Thanksgiving to be exact, I finally pulled off the blue painters tape to see our beautiful pink stripe.  Imagine my surprise (and not the good kind) when I found this:
You see the "fuzz" at the top and bottom?  It was ALL the way around.  I was devastated.  And in looking at it, I didn't think it was wide enough.  It is 4 inches wide and to me, it looks too much like a racing stripe.  So, we planned to retape the stripe and make it wider, in an attempt to cover up the "fuzz" and the corner runs.  Because we had none of the leftover mint green paint (that we had specially  mixed), this seemed to be the only choice.

Today, we stopped by Home Depot to pick up something and I told Steve to ask someone there about how to do this the right way.  He came out with what we hope will be the golden ticket to a perfect stripe.

Anyone ever used this?  The lady in Home Depot actually demonstrated this for Steve and he was amazed.  But when we asked a professional painter, he said it was a waste of money.  So Steve took it back and got something else.  We are going to make the stripe several inches wider and try again.  Wish us luck!


Kristin K. said...

Frog tape is awesome!!! My husband and I have painted a lot of walls, including a painted "border" across the middle of our daughter's room. The blue painter's tape didn't work, but the frog tape has worked so well for us. I'm guessing the professional painters pooh-pooh it because they have had enough practice they don't need to tape everything off, unlike me!

Another trick we've found is to pull the tape off while the paint is sill wet, if at all possible, to get a nice clean line. I hope all goes well for you!

~Holly~ said...

Use the Frog tape! My husband and I just painted our whole house, and I kept saying "This stuff is amazing!" as I was pulling it off. It really is amazing. Your lines will be WAY more crisp than with another brand of painter's tape.

Brenda said...

Frog tape is awesome. I used it to paint a stripe in my daughter's bedroom, and it required very little touch up. This will work best on smoother walls. The smoother the better. If you have very textured walls it probably will only be a slight improvement to regular painter's tape.