This just in....


This is super exciting news and catapults us into the next stage of waiting.  Now that the home study is done, the next step is to apply for fingerprinting clearance through the USCIS.  To do this, I have to have a copy of the home study and a letter issued by our agency (among other things).  To get ahead, I already filled out the paperwork and gathered all the other documents for the application so all I have to do is add the home study and the letter.  The agency is kindly overnighting the letter to me today so I will have it tomorrow.  The social worker has to print the home study (3 copies) and have them all notarized, so not sure how quickly she can do that.

I'm in a hurry because the fees for USCIS go up on November 23 and that doesn't leave very much time for me to get it in before they increase.  But either way, the home study is done and that is a huge relief!

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