Please Pardon the Interruption...A Christmas Miracle

Just wanted to take a quick moment to share with you my own little Christmas miracle today.

As you know, Steve has been out of a job since August.  Thanks be to God that He has provided for our every need, specifically financially, since that time.  Steve has been working a part time job at the church for several months.  Unfortunately, due to no fault of anyone's, his check was short by a week on last week's paycheck.  And then there was a glitch in the unemployment system and checks didn't arrive until almost the weekend (we usually get his on Wednesday or Thursday).  That was last week.

I get paid once a month on the last day of the month so typically that 3rd and 4th week start to get tight.  That's the way it always is...something about getting paid monthyly I guess.

Anyway, to say finances were tight would probably be putting it mildly.  And we had several things to take care of.  Thankfully, Christmas is done, paid in full, ALL CASH (thank you Jesus for Christmas Club accounts!), but there were several things that we just needed cash for.

Even though we really needed money, I wrote out my tithe check last weekend and even turned it in to the church despite the fact I knew they'd run it through the bank immediately, what with it being year-end and all.  And sure enough, our account was pretty stinkin' close to being bare...and we still had multiple obligations to cover.

Anyway, since I went in to work today, I had a little chat with God on the way and I told him that I really needed Him to help this week's unemployment check to show up today.  Like, if it didn't, we'd be in a real predicament.  And God and I had quite the chat.  I told him that I was believing Him for provision.  I told Him I'd been faithful in my tithe and that I was asking for this from Him.

And wouldn't you know it...I received a card filled (and yes, I mean FILLED) with cash, before the day was half over.  This generous gift came from a friend who I'm sure wishes to remain anonymous.  I will honor that wish, but he/she knows who they are. And my family and I know who they are.  This person is a Christian and while I was suprised at the gift, the timing and it's generosity, I was not really surprised that this person would do such a thing.

It was humbling to take this gift, but it was a 100% direct answer from God.  I told Him this morning that if He would provide ("if"???) I would be sure to give Him the glory.  So, publicly, here I am, telling you that God provided and used a wonderful friend to do so.  Oh He loves us so much.  He is just waiting on us to ask Him.

The only strings attached to this gift was to eventually "pay it forward".  And I can guarantee I will.

And I know it's in our nature to be curious, but please don't ask me to divulge the identity of this person.  This person knows who they are and I have thanked them already and will continue to do so.  I can tell you that I am blessed to have this person in my life.  And to them I say, simply...


And now we return you to your regularly scheduled 12 Day of Christmas program....

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