11th Day of Christmas-Old Friends

So, tonight we spent time with The Millsaps.  I've already talked about Rachel and our friendship and tonight just reminded me once again why I love her.

But there are other "old friends" (NOT in age!) that I haven't mentioned yet.  So, on this Christmas Eve, this one is for you.

Carrie was my best friend back in the 6th grade.  We had some seriously fun times.  I could tell you things we did and boys we liked, but I won't embarrass either of us that way!  At some point, Carrie moved away and we lost touch.  Now, the funny thing is that we hadn't spoken since about 6th or 7th grade until she reconnected with me through my friend Stacey.  Carrie (living in VA? at the time) randomly sent money to help with Steve's mission trip to Moldova.  So, it's been like 20 years and here she pops up wanting to help us out.  Now, just how cool is that?  Anyway, we rekindled our friendship and turns out her daughter is Jenna's age.  A couple years ago, we met up and went to the beach with the girls.  It was a great long weekend and that was the point at which I fell in love with the Canon Rebel she had with her!  Later that same year, while we were on our cruise, I got an email that of all places, she was moving back to TN!  She now lives just east of Nashville and we talk often.  In fact, we had lunch together just the other day.  I'm so glad we have rekindled our friendship.  It's so neat that we go back as far as we do.

Speaking of Stacey...this girl...she is the most hilarious, wonderful mom I know.  Stacey and I go back almost as far as Carrie and I do.  We graduated together and our parents were friends.  We laughed together and got into trouble together.  I almost killed her one night on the way to our homecoming.  (And just for the record...IT WAS NOT MY FAULT.)  Stacey has moved all over creation with her hubs and I doubt she'll ever live back in "Nashvegas" again, but I see her about once a year (though I think this is the first Thanksgiving I didn't get that chance) and I always enjoy seeing her and her kids.  And I love her hubs to death because I KNOW what he puts up with!  :)  Stacey has overcome adversity of all kinds and I admire her for the woman and the mother she's become.  I'm so glad that we have the history we do.  We've been through it and I know when I'm 70, she'll be right there with me...probably getting me into trouble.  :)

Then a few days ago, I went to see my "old" friend, Jen.  Jen is a hairdresser.  (Now I'm wondering why I'm calling her "Jen" all of a sudden...it's JENNIFER).  And if you need one, SHE'S YOUR GIRL!  If you have any doubt, check my FB for photos of my new 'do and ALL the comments I received.  Anyway, I digress...Jen and I were very bestest friends back in high school.  And I'm thinking I might have gotten in more trouble with her than Stacey.  Anyway, I went to see Jen who did a practical makeover on me and we got a chance to really catch up.  Oh dear heavens.  We did have some good times.  It's virtually impossible for me to list them all, but I will say Jennifer was probably the first call I made when there were big events in my young teenage life and I'm sure she (and others that read this) know EXACTLY to what I'm referring!  And I'll be seeing her again pretty soon...have to keep my new 'do...well...NEW.  :)

And then there's Staci who also goes back to my high school days.  Staci and I had a special relationship, although I'm not sure I could tell you exactly why I feel that way.  Staci and I don't talk as much as we used to, but I still count her as one of my greatest friends of all times.  And can I just tell you that Staci's oldest child, Jen's only and my only were born 2 weeks within each other.  Wow.  I just think that's the coolest.

And then there's Victoria...but she'll always be Vicki to me!  Vicki and I went to school together for quite a while and graduated together.  I wouldn't say that we were close, but I always liked Vicki and I think she liked me. :)  As with many of my high school friends, I lost touch with her over the years and she didn't attend our 10 year reunion.  Once I got up and running on Facebook, I would frequently search for her, wondering where she was and how she was doing.  And one day, there she was.  We struck up a friendship through FB and email and have been chatting ever since.  We have even been out with the girls several times.  I think it is supercool that I have had the opportunity to strike up a new "old' friendship with Vicki.

Finally, there is Amy.  I could write a book on all the times Amy and I had.  She was like a sister to me.  We were practically attached at the hip.  There's absolutely no way that I can write about everything we got into.  But we have definitely been through it.  Amy is a fabulous photographer living in another part of the state with her hubs (who is a MASTER FARMER on Farmville!) and sweet, beautiful little girl.  I miss her like crazy because we don't talk as often as I'd like, but you know, life is funny like that sometimes.  But despite that, we have much history that cannot be erased and I'm so glad for it.  Amy had such a large part in making me who I am.  We went through heck during our high school years.  We cried together, laughed together, and loved together.  She was my maid of honor.  I'm so thankful for the time we spent together.

And there are many more friends that have come and gone.  My intent in naming these here is not to intentionally leave out any of my other friends.  I have a number of friends from my childhood that are on FB and each of them make up a part of who I am today.  And I appreciate all of you.

But to Carrie, Stacey, Jen, Staci, Vicki and Amy...thank YOU.  In this season of reflection, I'm thankful for each of you and for who you made, and are making, me to be.

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