9th Day of Christmas-My Family

Updated January 20, 2010

I've taken some time to talk about the Taylor family, but today I'm going to honor MY family.  I have rather an interesting family tree to be sure.  I have 2 half brothers and 3 half sisters.  They are all older than me, so I am the baby.  All my siblings had already grown up and moved away by the time I came along.

My niece (who isa few years older than me...told you it was interesting) was more like a sister to me than a niece.  My mom used to babysit her so we spent LOTS of time together.  And we argued like siblings, but even today we have a lot in common.  It's amazing.  My niece's son was born just a few weeks before Jenna, so we got to share our entire pregnancy together and that was the best gift!  The kids don't spend as much time together as we'd like, but when they get together they play so well with one another.  My niece and I have been asked if they are twins.  Um.  NO.  So funny!

We have had our ups and downs and our challenges.  I have been angry at them and they have been angry at me.  But the bottom line is that I love them.  Each and every one of them.

In fact, I spent time with some of them last night to celebrate Christmas and as always it was a good time.  We laugh like crazy over each other.  I know that I have not told them enough how much I appreciate them, but today I want them to know...

Teresa, David, Danny and Karen...I love you. 

Despite everything. 

I do.

And the same goes for the rest of the family...your husbands, wives, kids and grandkids...my brothers and sisters in law, my nieces and nephews and greats...my family wouldn't be complete without all of you.

I'm so glad God put each of you in my life.  And in this time of reflection and thankfulness, I want you to know that.

PS. I didn't forget Bertie...she was honored back on December 15.  :)

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