Christmas 2009!

Christmas was great this year.  Jenna was really excited about her new bike which she didn't even ask for.  Her second favorite was her American Girl doll, Chrissa.  This makes number 5.  Yes, I know.  But that's the privilege we parents-of-one get.  We can do stuff like that.  :)

As usual, we spent Christmas day night with the Taylor family.  There was a very big empty place with Mary being gone this year.  But it was still an enjoyable evening.  Micah, Gage and Chase came to the house after to open gifts.

I'd made Micah a scrapbook of her pregnancy and Gage's first year.  I also got her a couple frames and put pictures of Gage in them.  I think she liked them.

I also made Chase a scrapbook of Marine stuff.  I'd taken lots of pictures when we went to his graduation and so I put them all together in an actual Marine scrapbook.  You'd be amazed at the military scrapbooking supplies that are out there.

All in all, it was a good year.  And tonight, we carry our New Year's tradition with none other than...the Millsaps.  We'll see you all in 2010.


Christy said...

Let me know if you like Crazy Love. I have had it for several months, but haven't had time to read it. I have heard only great things about it, though! It is next on my list to read.

ExtraordinaryMommy said...

What a beautiful slideshow - you have inspired me to create one!