Christmas Eve

Continuing tradition, Christmas Eve was also spent with the Millsaps.  We went to the first annual Church at Station Hill Christmas Eve service and then came back to the house to celebrate.  We had lots of yummy finger (i.e. junk) foods.  We watched some of Christmas Vacation (a staple of Christmas with the Taylors) and then let the kids decorate Christmas cookies.  This had been done at my office the same week and I thought it would be a GREAT idea for the girls since they are usually all hyped up on sugar by the time the evening winds down.

They had a great time decorating and yes, I went WAY overboard on the icing and sprinkles.  But really, can a cookie ever have too many sprinkles?  Apparently, Santa didn't think so.

After the cookie decorating, the girls exchanged gifts.  Jenna got he Liv Girl doll and some accessories which she loved.  We got Hannah a Barbie set and a Taylor Swift CD.  Those girls do love their Taylor Swift...

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